Saturday, 21 December 2013


After Installing A New Hardware Or May Be Just To Keep Your Pc Organized The Way You Like, You May Want To Change  The Drive Letter Of A Hardware Partition In Windows 7 .The Windows 7 Disk management Tools Makes      This.

Here Is the Method
Step 1: Open Disk Management from the Command Prompt.
Step 2: On The Right Hand Side Of The Screen, Locate And Right Click On The Drive That You Wish To Change The Drive Letter Of And Choose Change Drive Letter And Paths.
Step 3: The Change Drive Letter Or Path Dialog Box Will Appear.
Step 4: Choose The Drive Letter You Wish To Assign To This Drive By Clicking The Letter From The Drop Down Box On The Right.
Step 5: Click Ok.
Step 6: The Disk Management Window That Appears Advises You That Some Programs That Rely On Drive Letters Might Not Run Correctly. Do You Want To Continue?
Step 7: If You Are Sure You Want To Make This Change.
Step 8: Click Yes And Press Ok.
That’s All…………..

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